3d Acrylic Signage

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Due to being cohesive in nature and providing a professional and polished look, acrylic signage is high in demand and is used as a cost-effective marketing tool. Whether you want your products to be displayed at your retail store or convey some marketing message, you can get a wide range of acrylic products that include 3D acrylic letters, exhibition boxes, nameplates, and cosmetic display signs, etc. at an economical rate. Let’s dive into the details of benefits, application, installation, and types of 3d acrylic signage. 


Acrylic signage appears like real glass because it is colorless, transparent, and durable polymer, making it unbreakable. It is also known by other terminologies like crylux, plastic glass, lucite, plexiglass, etc.


There are many advantages of using 3d acrylic signage. It is lightweight, flexible, strong, and versatile and provides a clean and sophisticated look. Its customization ability and versatility add to its importance and make it a perfect fit by providing a professional look.

Focussed image

To keep the eyes focussed on the text inside the signs, the edges of the signage contain a thin border. Such signages find a huge application and are found in the lobbies of buildings.

Three dimensional

Want a stunning 3d effect for your marketing acrylic signs? You can introduce a solid color as a background of acrylic signs.

Non-glare finishing

Do your office room lights give glare when turned on? Don’t worry, as you can use non-glaring acrylic signage, which instead of reflecting light, absorbs it, makes it easy to keep eyes focussed while working on a desktop.

Custom colors

You can use the acrylic signages by customizing them, allowing you to use your brand colors. You can contrast by using different colors in the background and edges. This creates an amazing visual effect and hence attracts the audience’s attention.

How can you customize acrylic?

To print images and numbers on acrylic blocks, you need UV ink. You need to customize and cut the block after finalizing the design. The cutting allows the acrylic signage-making process to go smoothly. If you are using your sign in high traffic, you can protect it by adding a layer of protection which comes in the form of a logo printed on the back of the acrylic. So that if anyone even scratches, it does not wear out.

Frosted glass is trendy in workplace and office buildings; however, if your budget does not allow you, don’t worry, as you can use the frosted acrylic piece and enjoy similar effects. To add to its beauty, you can even use LED lights.


Acrylic items can be installed on flat surfaces for indoor or outdoor purposes. Many acrylic sign products bear holes for easily fitting at any place. Normally, these are installed using brushed nickel or aluminum standoffs and screws. The standoffs have a great role in creating a 3-dimensional effect.


Due to the lack of maintenance, acrylic signs can easily get scratched or damaged because of their smooth surface. However, acrylic signage does not require very special maintenance, and you need to clean them with some neat cloth regularly.


Acrylic signages are commonly divided into two types, which include

  • Standard acrylic
  • Vinyl colored acrylic.


  1. Standard acrylic

It comes in a translucent, opaque, and clear color extensively used in creating donation boxes, retail display boxes, and custom signage.

  1. Vinyl colored acrylic

You can not use standard signage for creating all types of signages. Here comes a great alternative in the form of vinyl-colored acrylic.

All that is what you should know before planning to have acrylic signages for promoting your brand and for displaying the company logo and related products.