Backlit Flex signboard

We provide basic information on the Backlit flex signboard in which the name of the shop will display your company logo, product image, contact details, store timings, and tagline.

We are FLEX sign board makers

You will never get a second chance to recreate your first impression! To make your first impression more powerful and remembering to customers, then the Backlit flex signboard is what you need. WE Brand Advertising will provide an incredible first impression to your prospective customer; that impression will indeed convey a sense of trust and surety of good quality services.

An LED flex sign board is a short glow signboard. As its name suggests, this is a board that glows from within. It will carry its source of light. While other frontlit shop boards are simple prints stretched on a metal frame, the sun or the ambient light lends visibility to the board.

Backlit flex signboard

We offer the following options for the Backlit Flex signboard.
  • Metal Frame: the base structure of it is made of a metal frame in the form of a box. its depth is around 6 – 8 inches, and width and height are, of course, given to us by the customer.
  • Tin sheet: the metal frame is wrapped by a thin sheet on the back and the sides. Generally, tin sheets are available in a standard black and white, but we provide other colors on demand.
  • Tube light as a source: these fluorescent tubes act as a source of light fitted in the box. But we use electronic shock tubes from branded companies.