Vehicle branding in Dubai

If you face a struggle in your business to stand out and have not started your vehicle advertising service, then it is time to pump the brakes on your battle. Vehicle branding services will surely help you accelerate your business with a custom brand-designed vehicle wrap.

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is also known as vehicle branding or advertisement, the most cost-effective branding tool available. A vehicle sticker is a graphic of your brand on your vehicle that promotes your business. A creative and exclusive vehicle wrap can transform your company advertisement into moving billboards that connect your customers in a way. However, you will indeed have some questions about why vehicle branding is more effective than other advertisements.



No matter how big and small a business is, it depends on its marketing and advertisements. If you have the most incredible products but don’t know how to establish your business on a large scale then your business needs to advertise. The car advertisement is necessary for brand recognition, and its expansion plays a significant role in successful ads.


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benefits of vehicle wrapping

1- Vehicle branding is Cost-Effective:

Vehicle branding is more effective than these media forms because it has no specific advertising timeframe, and they don’t suffer from inactivity of time. Although, its popularity continues to grow. This means that your investment will have a lasting impact. Vehicle wrap is undoubtedly cost-effective because when these customized wraps go on your company’s vehicles, you don’t need to rent a space to display your company’s ad. Your vehicle advertisement requires only a one-time cost for the wrap, which will pay you off even after your business gain success. It means that vehicle advertisement is an excellent way to get the most of the customers with a one-time investment. The plus point is these wraps will also protect your vehicle from sun exposures and dents.

2- Increases engagement:

According to the outdoor advertising association (OAA), people respond well to vehicle wrapping rather than billboards branding because vehicle branding is not noticeable in everyday life like other advertising techniques. Marketing 24/7 to a larger population through vehicle warp target more audiences efficiently and successfully because people respond more to the truck side advertisement, which is a crucial way for your brand awareness and recognition.

3- It increases your brand recognition:

Having an image of your brand in front of people allows for an infinite amount of impressions and engagement with more buyers. It happens because a branded vehicle wrap represents their company itself which influences your business, instead of wasting money on different advertisement agencies. In this fast-paced society, considerinvesting the amount of money and time around automobiles because the vehicle advertisement is endless.

4- Vehicle branding also secures your vehicle:

Vehicle branding benefits are related to attracting customers, but some of the services are about vehicles too. Whether you do vehicle wrap on business owns or leases a car, you will surely want to protect your vehicle too. The lamination of a wrap on your vehicle works as a layer of protection on your vehicle. However, scratches and nicks won’t harm your vehicle. On the other hand, when you remove the wrap, it leaves your vehicle with its original color, which will keep your vehicle looks good as new as long as you wrap your vehicle correctly.

5- Vehicle wraps are supple:

Vehicles advertisement is more unique than a billboard and other advertisement mediums because you can remove your advertisement ad from your vehicle around the places where it is likely to get affected. Even if you don’t want to drive your vehicle for days or park at a facility customer area, your company will also get exposures unless you don’t remove your ad from the vehicle.


There are many other benefits of vehicle branding that are obvious. It must have more hustle to gain people’s attention in your business, but you need a moreconsumer-friendly method. Having billboards in a moving car offers more customers and a lot more options for your business. vehicle wrapping provides all these consumer-friendly benefits without costing much


Most frequent questions and answers

Based on our years of experiences, we identify that 3m Vinyl is the best of all brands for vehicle wrapping. Due to high traffic over 3m Vinyl because of it’s huge demand, many companies prefer this. As per the manufacturing process of 3m Vinyl, it’s cost is extremely which is not actually affordable by most of the companies. Naturally the weather is hot there in UAE, our services authentically provides the best Mactac Vinyl for the vehicle branding. There must be the same UV lamination of Mactac in which we are perfect with our previous experiences.

Have you heard about Vehicle wrapping? Mostly every company has an idea about it. The costs of Vehicle Branding always depend upon the quality of stickers. The more you demand for good vinyl, the more cost will be occurred. Make sure that the lamination should also from good company. Considering the supersonic quality of vinyl with the same lamination, it will cost from 2100AED to 2600AED of small car with full branding. Hiace high roof and others like these vehicles cost 2200AED to 2400AED. If we consider huge vehicles like 3 ton Truck, it will preferably cost you 1800AED to 2600AED.

It’s hot weather there in UAE till 6months. That’s why it’s a little bit short life of the stickers. The limitation of the stickers is maximum 2 to 3 years.

You must have the permission of vehicle branding with RTA. By providing vehicle branding services, we also provide RTA passing services to our clients.