custom floor graphics printing

We Brand Advertising has a competent team to assist you in every procedure. Let us tell you some ground rules for placing these stickers to make them effective and beneficial. Get quick inquiry for custom floor graphics printing.

floor decal stickers

The trend of floor stickers has increased immensely in the marketing industry for a couple of years. People have understood that custom floor graphics can be used for other purposes besides basketball courts. They are an attractive and engaging marketing technique used by several businesses.

We Brand Advertising provides customizable visual pieces for various outdoor and indoor applications. They can be used in catwalks, tradeshow booths, corporate lobbies, reception areas, theatres, performing art centers, and conference rooms.

Why Floor Stickers?

  • They are cost-effective
  • It does not acquire your valuable space
  • It has an incredible impact on attendees
  • Grab the attention of everyone passing by
  • It gives an artistic touch to the whole space
  • They astonish, inform, and glee spectators
  • Easy to install and remove

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The benefit of using custom floor graphics

Moreover, they can be utilized to promote your ongoing sales and promotions. 

If you want the custom floor graphics for decorative purposes only, you can add shapes and geometrical patterns. They will visually attract the people who are passing by. Also, if you don’t want to spend too much on your Floor, still want no compromise on a classic appearance, add textures like bricks, marble, wood grain, etc. They are a perfect floor solution in budget. 

Stick to the Ground

In Graphics advertising, the Floor is the limit. It is an ideal place when you don’t want to utilize the valuable space for advertising purposes. Floor stickers are the creative utilization of your workspace. These vinyl stickers are based on three layers;

  1. The Base Vinyl Layer on which stickers are printed.
  2. The anti-skid Laminate Coat protects the design from scratches, skid marks, discoloration, and slips. 
  3. The Solid Adhesive Layer to bond the decal to the Floor during installation.

What can you floor vinyl stickers?

Your floor sticker can be,

Make the Floor Speak for You

The floor stickers can be placed indoors or outdoor; they will be effective either way. The thing that matters a lot is the placement of your stickers.

Preparation of the Floor before placing the sticker is mandatory. The Floor should be clean from any dirt, dust, or oil to smooth the installation procedure. Afterward, it would be best if you wait to let the surface dry before putting the adhesive layer. There may be some other steps depending on the particular surface which should be taken into consideration. So, leave the job to us. We will ensure the proper installation to get the maximum effect.

We Brand Advertising; Your On Floor Partner

We Brand Advertising perfectly handles your indoor and outdoor floor graphic stickers with compassion and care. We let you experience each and every process, from the selection of material to printing and installation. Our customer care team will be all ears to answer all your queries related to the decal. 

We are just a click away to guide you about the best material, adhesive, and placement of your floor sticker.