Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

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Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Advertising can be done in 2 ways

  1. Outdoor advertising also known as out-of-home advertising
  2. In-home advertising

The two different types of advertising have different media forms like billboards and commercials. Both methods have their own benefits and risks. However, before digging into the details of the benefits of outdoor advertising, let’s first learn what outdoor advertising is.

What Is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising is the mode of advertising where consumers are targeted outside their homes. This is a broad concept and covers many aspects of an advertisement. However, outside advertising can be categorized into street furniture, billboards, transit, and place-based OOH.

1. High Conversion Rate

According to Arbitron, a consumer research company, more than 70% of travelers make their purchasing decisions outside the home for over a week. Hence most people make purchasing decisions when they see outdoor advertising outside the vicinity of their home.

2. Billboards

People get to see billboards while passing through the roads during morning, noon, evening, or night. Suppose the target audience of your product lives within a confined geographical radius. In that case, the best way to target them and to get their attention is through billboard advertising along the roadside. One of the amazing benefits of billboard advertising is that these billboards stay on the roadside 24 hours, 365 days a year.

3. Brand awareness

Unlike television, radio, or print advertising, where several ads run in a sequence, outdoor advertising offers an opportunity to captivate the audience’s attention through uncluttered, exclusive messages.

4. More Value for Your Money

Outdoor advertising provides amazing value for your money. The CPM cost for outdoor advertising is from 6 cents to $9. However, this is compared to advertising on other forms of media, which starts from $9 per 1000 impressions up to $58 per thousand impressions. This provides a clear reason for how outdoor advertising provides good value for your money spent on advertisement.

5. Media Mix Reinforcement

An advertising rule states that an average person who buys any product watches something at least ten times to make a purchasing decision. Billboards, bus shelter advertising, transits, and other modes of outdoor advertising allow brands to complement their digital, print, and radio advertising to make consistent marketing messages to be viewed repeatedly.

6. Eyes on the Road

Advertised on digital platforms, TV, print, or radio? Your audience can switch off your ads, block them or change channels. However, this can’t be the case with outdoor advertising. You can advertise to morning commuters in densely populated areas and pedestrian traffic. When people are moving, they usually pay more attention to how advertising is presented to them as they are more aware of their surroundings.

7. More Noticeable

Out-of-house advertising is more noticeable. Online advertising can frustrate the consumers, and hence they can place an ad blocker to avoid these ads. However, this is not the case with outdoor advertising as these can not be blocked. Moreover, larger billboards are more noticeable when compared with Facebook ads. As it is obvious, that bigger would get the most attention.