Mobile Food Truck Graphics in Dubai

Grow your food with style with WE Brand Advertising food truck wraps

WE Brand advertising offers services of the mobile food truck graphics. We offer our services in the United Arab Emirates. Our team is present here to assist and advise you throughout the advertising process of creating custom wraps for your brand. Contact WE Brand advertising to take the first step towards upgrading your business truck.

Every food truck is a brand that requires a reputation and a need to communicate with the public. If you want the popularity of your business, you have to communicate with millions of people through advertisement. So why should not your food truck has a look that speaks with people that as unique and mouthwatering as your haute cuisine?

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We choose the following material for your mobile food truck graphics:

A proper truck design is significant for advertising, but don’t you think you also need some physical material such as menu cards, labels, business cards, coupons, and more to show your business that creates interest in people to buy food from your food truck.

WE Brand advertising is an expert in individual graphics, semi-permanent designs, graphics with your business name, food offered, contact us, and other information about your business. We can print any design onto your wraps with exciting ideas related to your food truck’s brand.

Things we consider while designing the food truck wraps:

Every food trucks need a bold and colorful look to stand out, especially at crowded places in Dubai. We design trucks in a way that they should be visible from a distance, whether through vibrant colors or long-sized texts. It should be visible to customers what type of food customers can have from the truck. We try to incorporate all the information regarding food truck brands like menu and contact information. Although, in full truck wraps, the design is visible from every dimension of a food truck. We determine these dimensions through the blueprint of the truck that is also accessible from the manufacturer.

Specifications and customization in vinyl food trucks:

We use vinyl film for vehicle wrapping, also known as cast vinyl because it is made up of pouring liquid in a thin layer into a mould. We use it because this process helps the vinyl not hold to one shape and allows the wraps to set on the curves of a truck without having any creases. Mostly use standard vinyl film for more extended durability and design to last at least five years after installation and adjustable in any environment.

Our company works on several options on food truck branding. These include:

Partial food truck wrapping:

In partial food truck wrapping, we wrap only the main body of the truck, like the dumper, side, and trunk. It may include any design like a logo, a menu, contact information, or more.

Full food truck wrapping:

In full truck wrapping, we wrap the whole body of a truck, excluding the roof. A full wrap includes complete information about your business like menu, logo, contact information, discounts, and more.

Vinyl lettering:

We also offer another option of wrap: vinyl lettering, which is cheaper than a complete and partial wrap. If you have more information to be print on your truck, then we use small decals. We cut and paste letters individually for your business name, menu, details of your brand, and more. We use various vibrant colors and clear wraps to print the letters, numbers, and dots, adding longevity to the lettering.

Whatever food

You want to sell on your food truck. WE Brand advertising is here with all the tools, types of equipment and expert skills to transform your truck. We will treat your truck with full care and quick work to get your business on the road.