Mall promotion foam board

We offer ‘foam core mounting and mall promotion foam board. Both ways are best when you want to display something budget-friendly, lightweight, and long-lasting. 

Mall Hanging Board

Mounting and hanging displays are always attractive. The most fantastic thing about them is that they don’t make you regret the valuable space on the Floor being utilized for some other purpose. Moreover, the installation procedure is also simple and easy. 

Hanging poster foam board is a lightweight material. So you can easily take it along or change the place of the poster as per your feasibility. You can either use Velcro tabs or prop it on your display easel.

What is Foam Core?

Foam core is also known as paper-faced foam or foam board. It is a lightweight material and idyllic to mount banners, posters, or any photographic print. The foam core material is easy to cut and has a polystyrene-clad center layer packed between two outer layers of white clay-coated matte paper.

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How Foam Core Technique Works?

This technique involves no rocket science. We just have to fix a promotion image to this foam core using adhesive material, including glue, double-sided adhesive sheets, or adhesive spray.

Yes, you might think you can do it yourself as it sounds effortless. But the placement of promotion images can be tricky, especially if the image is more prominent in size. Besides, the professional foam core mounting services are highly affordable then why take risks and spend more for printing. 

What is Foam Core Mounting Technique Best for?

Besides being the modern flair in the interior and a visual pop in mall, some of the most common uses of foam core mounting are for:



Community events


Promotional Window

Advertising Material

Mall Campaign

Mall Sales Promotion

Benefits of Mall promotion foam board

Also, they are easy to install and take off when you are bored of the same background. You can also change the placement of photographs yourself, whenever you want to. 

Besides, they are easy to take anywhere. You can take them off the wall, put them in your car or truck and take them to the new venue. They are tear-resistant and can be easily replaced as they are cost-effective.

  • Customizable

The size of the visual display is customizable. Foam board does not limit you to any standard size.

  • Fade-Resistant

Being printed directly on the board using the UV ink process, these displays are fade-resistant and can easily last up to 2-3 years if used with care.

  • Double-Sided Printing

You can get different images printed on each side of the foam board. They are easy to display, and you can choose whichever side you want to.

  • Dry Erase Option

The dry erase option is a unique feature of foam board. This dry erase feature will make it interactive if you get the foam board printed for and presentation, goal tracker, or custom calendars. You can get a dry erase laminated foam board at an affordable price from We Brand Advertising .

How to Hang Foam Board Print?

  1. Standoff

A standoff is a professional way to hang foam boards. They look neat and leave a one-inch space between the wall and the display. They will support your foam board from falling off upon accidental bangs. 

  1. 3m Putty

If you want to prevent holes on your walls, 3m putty is idyllic for you. They are adhesive enough to hold the foam board on any porous or nonporous surface. Moreover, 3m putty is pro to many surfaces, including glass walls, cement walls, plastic walls, bare brick walls, or metal. 

It will cause no damage to your wall except leaving a stain if used longer. 

  1. Double-Sided Adhesive Strips

Double-sided adhesive strips are also a suitable replacement for standoffs if you don’t want a hole in the wall. But it is semi-permanent to use. Besides, it does not leave any stain on the wall but is challenging to take off. However, it is easy to use; all you have to do is remove the outer layer from both sides, place it on the board and stick it to the wall.

  1. Double-Sided Velcro Tape

Velcro is also excellent in handling the foam board. You can cut the desired size of tape from the roll and get it pasted. It is quite an easy method and the least tricky one.

Mall promotion foam board at We Brand Advertising

We Brand Advertising aids you in bringing your vision to life. We will enhance the visual impact of your business by providing high-quality photographic posters and foam cores. We have multiple printing options available. Also, you can choose your preferred lamination and size of the item. We will provide you a solution and will also educate you about its variations. Rest is your wish, and we take it as a command.