Truck Branding in dubai

Advertising has always been the backbone for any product related campaign for which various means are incorporated, such as TV’s mobile internet and all but as the viewer’s perception. A uniquely painted vehicle may be or what could be better than a pickup truck branding  graphics with advertising graphics. Now our mind ponders that who came up with such ingenious innovation. We cannot point you towards that, but we can surely tell you which door to knock when you want to inquire about who can produce this piece of art.

check out our pickup truck wrap graphics

Who are We?

We are a Startup in this field backed up with a creative team of graphic designers. We can code your message into a blend of appealing colours which can promote brand loyalty and awareness.

What we can do in truck branding ?

Our well-versed team of graphic designers and illustrators design art according to your band persona. As a wise man once said, “Pictures speak louder than words, ” so our team ensures that your message is loud and clear to your concerned audience.

WE Brand Advertising makes us of the latest methodologies in its daily operations in house UV printing machines, all the market competitive software’s and design tools that bring perfection to life.

We are currently in collaboration with certain FMCG’s regarding their latest product campaigns; our clients include some local service providers as well, so the next time you see any such engaging truck branding on the road, there are high chances that it was straight out of WE Brand advertising.

What is truck branding?

We also offer another option of truck branding: vinyl lettering, which is cheaper than a complete and partial wrap. If you have more information to be print on your truck, then we use small decals. We cut and paste letters individually for your business name, menu, details of your brand, and more. We use various vibrant colors and clear wraps to print the letters, numbers, and dots, adding longevity to the lettering.

This is nothing but a clever way of advertising your product or service with a reasonable investment possessing high chances that your product gets viewed as you know that it is difficult to ignore “the elephant in the room” and what is better than an HTV, i.e. Truck when it comes to roads and highways, you always bat an eye when a truck passes by.

Since the Truck’s body is big and spacious, it is an ideal entity to display our ad as it would be visible from a distance and easily readable whenever a viewer wishes to inquire.

Furthermore, trucks usually cover long distances as they are commercial vehicles, making it possible that our AD’s go places and can engage an even more influential audience.

How does it work?

Well, there are specific points that you need to consider before opting for such a service. One of the most important amongst which I the host (Truck) that carries your advertisement is involved in daily commute so that our efforts are viewed regularly, and the monthly rent for such trucks is pocket friendly. Gladly you don’t have to face these hassles. WE Brand Advertising comes up with attractive designs. Still, we also connect you with contractors willing to put your brandings onto their trucks at competitive market rates.

So what are you waiting for?

Since now you have an idea of our business model. Contact us today to book an appointment and bestow us a chance to serve you to your utmost satisfaction.