Personalized Wedding and Party Props

We have several personalized wedding and party props that will bring charms to your day.

Personalized Wedding and Party Props

We Brand Advertising loves to make up your happy moments because we live them with you. For that, Whether it be a theme party, Halloween, or your wedding day, we have props for every occasion. These props will tell your story in a colorful way and will be your best sidekicks. Along with making your photoshoot memorable, they will propel a beautiful smile on your partner’s lips.

Let’s have a look at some of the props and how you can get your props customized.

Photo Booth Props

Our photo booth props include a variety of interesting displays that make your photoshoot extraordinary. They are handy and fun to use for a photo shoot. You can get them customized also. Let’s have a look at what we have in store for you.

For Weddings:

  • Kissy lips
  • Just married card prop
  • Wedding motifs like love birds, happily ever after, my hubby/wifey, team groom/team bride, Just married, I love him/ I love her, strike a pose, made for each other, etc
personalized wedding and party props

Write Ons

Write ons are expressive speech bubbles, which can be used to write messages. Either you are a bridesmaid or a couple; you can use these write ons to chalk down a naughty or romantic message for your loved one. They are black in color, and you have to use chalks to write on. They are reusable and look adorable in photo shoots.

What We Brand Advertising Offers to Prop Lovers?

We Brand Advertising cares about its client. If you want customized foam board props, we can make them for you. Just drop us a message or an email with all your requirements, we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send pictures of your desire props along with the quantity for quotation.

Moreover, we can also print flags of your favorite team for you if you have planned to take your employees for a match (cricket, football, basketball). The possibilities can be endless, and so are our solutions. Just throw a message our way, and we will come up with the most promising solution for you.


This category includes cut-outs that you can use for posing. You can also get them in glittery combinations like silver and white, gold and black, etc. These props include,

If you want customized wedding or party props, you can send an inquiry on our page. We will get back to you with all the possible solutions.