hoarding wall graphics

We will mark your business presence. Whether it is a gypsum board wall, temporary drywall, or hardwood, we have an explanation for all surfaces. 

Construction hoarding wall graphics

We Brand Advertising understands the importance of your time, so our hoarding wall graphics will be a shout-out of your new retail store, commercial property, mall, restaurant or hotel, law office, creative agency, corporate office, or any professional service.  Equipped with modern machinery, we can handle large hoarding projects.

Managing hoarding wall graphics Installations across the United Arab Emirates

We are accountable as one of the most trusted solution providers in Dubai. Beginning from comprehensive site survey to designing and artwork, and then print and manufacturing to installation, we will assist you. Our hoarding displays will speak for themselves.

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Why Invest in Hoarding wall graphics

Construction hoarding sticker can help you create brand awareness and increase your sales. Also, it takes your marketing game to the next level. We Brand Advertising makes your normal site into a memorable and adventurous one by hiding the renovations, work in progress, or any machinery working. Our mission is to create hype and curiosity among the masses for your business. Our hoarding graphics are best suited for;

Endorsing upcoming business

Holiday sales & promotional events



Audience conversion

Company branding elements

Better visibility

Homeowners and businesses.

What do We Brand Advertising Offer in Hoarding Graphics?

Evaluating the trends and demand in the market, we have,

What do we Use for Hoarding Purpose?

We use Plywood, printed aluminum panels, vinyl scrim banners, premium block vinyl banners, mesh fences, or a combination of timber with Plywood. We can also print directly on aluminum panels or vinyl. Also, a lamination layer can be added on top to give an extra protection layer to the hoarding. The choice of matte or gloss depends upon the client’s request. 

How We Cost Printed Hoarding wall graphics?

The process is made easier for the feasibility of our clients. In some cases, we need to do a site visit to determine the printing cost. Otherwise, we inquire about the required size and perimeter of hoarding panels from the client to tell the approximate expense.

We have built a quick questionnaire for your ease, which will also be a checklist if you contact us for a quotation. This checklist will save your time and energy.


  • Approximate length of the construction site that you want hoarding for?
  • Approximate duration of your renovation or construction project?
  • Who are the key personnel on your site?
  • Any hurdles like a road closure or limited access?
  • Would you like our assistance with your designing scheme, or have you hired a creative agency?


Contact us in case of any queries. We are just a click away!