Custom Neon Light Sign

Let us light up your office, home, restaurant, weddings, birthdays, and more with quality LED neon lights sign. You must be shocked by these LED neon signs that will look amazing in any place, including your home.

We are Custom Neon Light Sign Maker in Dubai

Neon light were popular in the 20th century, but they have made a fast comeback because of new, safer, more energy-efficient, and affordable materials, which is LED neon flex. They are a very durable and efficient form of a light bulb, similar to fluorescent light.

Neon signs provide an amazing way of signing with a great degree of flexibility on different design options. WE Brand advertising company is a renowned name in the world of neon signs that provides you a high-end and clean finish with eye-catching contour cut backings. Let us work magic by combining your logo and your brand graphics and texts to make your signs stand out.

So, you can have an illuminating surrounding without disturbing our environment. These lights shine as bright as glass neon tubes. So, add our Neon LED signs to lighten up your business place so that it can have a long lasting impact on the minds of your clients.

Get your customized neon signs or shop from our existing collection.

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Custom Neon Sign Builder

Looking for some Custom Neon Light Sign builder? Let us at the WE Brand advertising company design your custom neon sign from our online builder in a matter of just a few minutes. It is an amazing tool to create either neon signs based on texts or some creative idea. If you want some custom design and wish to negotiate on the price, you can directly contact us through email.

Let the WE Brand advertising company bring sparkle to your life

When you choose some design for a custom neon sign or even when you are unsure, you are required to fill the form to give us an idea of what you want and then leave the rest to us to do the magic of creating your desired neon sign.

Custom Neon Light Sign for Your Wedding

Add a unique idea to the ambiance of your wedding event by using the custom neon signs that give an electrical and magical vibe. You can work on different ideas in this aspect like you can use neon signs to write your name and your fiancé’s name, mention some hashtag, a particular slogan, or a short message. This decoration will not go wasted once the event is over; you can even use them to decorate your home afterward.

Get neon signs for your special event from WE Brand Advertising Company!

Custom Neon Signs for Your Business

Make your business storefront capture more attention by displaying eye-catching neon sign advertisements. This can prove to be a very cost-effective means of advertising your business as you can use these neon signs year after year. Get the neon signs that suit the type of business that you have established. WE Brand Advertising Company designs customized business signs that contribute to the success of your business.

Neon Signs for Wall, Bedroom

You can use neon wall art to illuminate any working space or living space. You can embellish your bedrooms with neon wall art. Our neon wall art can help your bedrooms get adorned amazingly. You can choose any WE Brand advertising company design and get a customized neon sign wall art to light up your bedroom, living room, kids room, and media wall.

Neon Signs for Event

Illuminate your events with WE Brand advertising neon signs. Brighten up any birthday party, anniversary, engagement, wedding event, or another special event with our neon party lights. These neon signs create amazing photo-capturing spots by lighting your dining area or decoration wall.

About our LED Neon Lights for Sale

The neon signs that we at WE Brand advertising company use to illuminate your rooms and offices are all handmade. These neon lights contain premium quality LED flex within a rubber tubing. These LED neon lights are mounted on an acrylic background in several colors and design options. You can choose any color from matte black to shiny metallic colors.

Moreover, we also provide tabletop neon lamps, neon sculptures, neon light stands, aesthetic neon light up signs, and neon night lights.

All our Neon LED signs come with a power adapter having a cord with a length of 3 to 6 ft attached to the adapter having another cable of the same size. This lengthy power adapter allows you to hang your neon art anywhere you wish. The LED flexible neon sign adapter has been certified from the US.

Why choose our Handmade Neon Signs

WE Brand advertising company also offers ready-for-sale neon signs that you can buy instantly, or you can also get customization with your required colors. We can customize for you a neon sign text with your name written in color neon alphabets that goes perfectly with any party like birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration. Moreover, you can decorate your little one’s room by illuminating it with neon signs.

The neon signs are lightweight and easy to carry and transport anywhere to use as event decor.

  • Custom LED Neon Light Signs

WE Brand advertising company allows you to get custom neon LED signs as bar lights, wall decor, and aesthetic art that perfectly goes with your choice of colors and custom design.

  • Extensive range of variety

We provide you with an extensive variety of amazing wall art; Neon LED lamps and word signs. Our range includes simple neon signs to customized shapes, designs, sizes, and colors. Our LED neon signs are child-safe; hence you can decorate your child’s room with them.

  • Neon Style Wall Signs

Get your favorite neon signs from novelty neon signs, neon floor lamps and neon letters, and alphabets that appear like they are made up of real glass. You can enjoy the glass light effect without any risk of breaking and getting hot. These neon signs also don’t cost you the earth.

  • Neon flex LED lights as a gift

You can use our best quality neon flex LED signs as neon wall art and decorative lights. Moreover, you can also use them to gift someone. We also offer customized gift cards.

  • Remote control feature

For easy wall mounting, our Neon LED signs contain pre-drilled holes. Moreover, we also provide you the option of getting a remote control feature through which you can turn the Neon LED signs switch on and off at any time. Moreover, we provide ten different brightness settings, and flash can be adjusted with varying speed options.

  • Low energy consumptions

One of the perks of using our Neon LED signs is that they consume very low energy and are cheaper than vintage neon signs and glass neon signs. Moreover, they have an extensive lifespan of more than 50,000 hours which means five years of continuous use or even more if you use less frequently.

● Safe to use

How are our Neon LED signs eco-friendly?

  • Traditional neon signs contain argon and mercury, which are hazardous. On the other hand, our LED neon signs are considered eco-friendly.
  • The LED neon signs by WE Brand advertising consume very low power owing to the application of LEDs.
  • Our LED neon signs use very little power, even lower than a 30-80w traditional light bulb consumes.
  • A factor that largely contributes to our Neon LED signs being environmentally friendly is the use of Rad Super Mini LED Neon that leaves very little emission and uses low power compared to traditional Neon.
  • One of the major perks of using our Neon LED signs is that these are cheap to purchase and efficient and provide a good value to your wallet

So, when are you going to grab Neon LED signs for bringing a spark to your party?