glass frosting sticker

The frosted or you can say that privacy window film is the perfect solution for covering your room with full privacy.

Frosted sticker for office glass & windows

If you have such type of glass or window that passers-by can see into from the pavement. Would you love to have more privacy and apply thick frosted window film, which means you will not lose the natural light or resorting to traditional net curtains. Maybe you may have noticed some beautiful window glass designed with an attractive sticker on it in offices. But may you feel reluctant to check the price tag of this item? don’t worry glass frosting sticker are the best affordable solution for you.

Our Company provides the frosted sticker with reasonable rates. Some people are fully aware of various name for instance, Decorative window film, privacy window film, sandblast sticker and blur sticker.

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Printed color Frosted Window sticker.

glass frosting sticker best alternative for curtains.

Frosted window film gives a best alternative to your curtains in your rooms. Frosting provides you privacy without changing the whole glass.  You can modify any kind of glass  which is in your office to give you more privacy and safety without losing the natural light.

We have a broad variety of styles and designs for you to choose from, whether you require decorative window film for a period property, would like a stylish window that has some statement or sticker on it, and this shows your taste in interior design. You can even design a stained-glass window at a portion of the cost of real stained glass.

Our beautiful, frosted window films can be purchased by the meter or made to measure. We can even cut your design into a window film or frosted glass sticker for a small extra charge or order our incredible designers to turn your scratched idea into a window film masterpiece.

Decorate the office with Decorative window film.

If you are looking for a design to add personality to a room or convert plain painted walls with some beautiful statements, then for this purpose glass privacy film and frosted glass stickers are best option. The stickers on the wall give beautiful look and also have a playful edge that attracts kids and adults alike.

Change the office look with company theme or company slogan and motivational quotes for team. Add a sprinkle of color to your kitchen with your preferred quote.

What are the main advantages of frosted glass Sticker.

The biggest advantage of glass frosting sticker is its endurance. If you live in such an area that is densely populated that requires more privacy, then frosted glass might be a more reliable option because of its durability and lifespan.

The frosted glass stickers easily applied on anything in minutes (with no air bubbles)

Available off the roll by the meter (easy to cut)

Cut to the size selection

Contemporary and period designs

It gives privacy or security, night, and day

Beautiful: suitable for a bathroom window

Adhesive window film or static cling

glass frosting sticker is ideal for privacy.

The frosted glass sticker is the perfect solution for covering your room with full privacy. But thanks to this, it does not stop light from entering the room.

Once applied, the attractive sticker on the glass gives windows and doors a beautiful look related to etched glass, making it immediately covered for full privacy all day. Covered blur sticker is a desirable and cost-effective solution for your privacy needs. No need for big curtains that make your rooms feel heavy.

Many of our customers tend to buy this frosted window film to make the office room airy and full of light as this is the best alternative for big curtains that completely stop the light and air in your room.

For enhanced security and safety

Many of us are now operating from home, with our computer screens and laptops on display, possibly revealing private or sensitive information to passers-by. This can also be a more important issue at your workplace, in a shared office, or with clear glass walls, where your data could be endangered. By the simple use of frosting windows, glass or doors, you will immediately protect your valuables from sight, making you feel safer.