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When you join or move into a new office environment, you need to make your own space. A part of that update also includes office wall signage, 3D lobby logos, conference room 3d quotes, and company name plate for door. This is important because you have to work in a space you have, and that is where the experts at Superior 3d Signs can help!

how to make your office look awesome

We are acrylic & wall signage manufacturers in Dubai and offer indoor 3d letters signage and logo signs that are great for any company. Materials like plastic is great affordable option, while metals can also be addictive to elegant and a high-end look to your office. Also we offer metal-faced laminated letters, which will look like metal but low in price.

WE Brand Advertisement has vast experience creating signs and graphics for hundreds of office. So, We are here to make your business Signage more attractive with our experience. Our indoor letters and logo signs are great for any company. 

3d Acrylic Letters for Wall

1) Acrylic letters and Signs (Indoor)

Acrylic signs are made up of colorless, transparent, durable polymer materials formed in plastic sheets and resemble the clarity of glass. Acrylics are naturally more fragile because of lighter weight. That’s why it is more often referred to as glass.

Manufacturing 3d Acrylic signage 

Acrylic is made directly onto its surface with UV ink. It can be customized either on the front or back surface. Its printing can include simple letters, numbers, or symbols, or you can also use a full-color company logo or image, or photograph.

However, second surface acrylic signs are printed from the back of the sign, creating a uniform, glossy finish. This acrylic printing method ensures and protects the ink from being rubbed off or scratched. Acrylic signs edges can be standard or polished. Standard edges are machine cut, unpolished, and have a vested appearance. Polished edges result in a smoother edge with a shiny finish.

Moreover, Acrylic sheet also can be cut in any shapes, creating an eye-catching way of displaying a company logo. Acrylic signs are best displayed when mounted on a clean, straight surface.

2) Acrylic LED letters and Sign board (outdoor)

The most unique and incredible sign are Acrylic backlit signs.

LED Sign Board making With Acrylic Letter

Backlit office signs have LED light strips mounted to the back and allow the light to pass around each letter providing a glowing effect. Our 3d illuminated signage are made using flat-cut materials like Acrylic and are mounted on a wall with unique metal mounts and backlit signs are illuminated with low voltage. The primary color of lights are white to glow with a different look, but you can also use RGB colored lights and dial into an exact color from the spectrum for a striking effect.

3) Acrylic paint 3d letters

Painted Acrylic signage is the best signage option we offer because of its durability. However, 3D painted  acrylic signage is one of the most popular choices for custom-made logo signs. Therefore, you can create a logo sign that is three-dimensional and long-lasting and can also be customized as per instructions of buyers and can be painted in a different colors. It can also be a range of thicknesses and depths so you can alter how concise the logo needs to be.

Give elegant look to your office wall:

Painted acrylic logo signs are handmade by fabricating pieces of Acrylic together to create a thick three-dimensional representation of your logo sign. The depth we suggest of the logo usually varies between 03mm – 20mm. However, the overall factor also plays a vital role in how much depth the logo needs. Once the logo is ready, it is painted into a color of your choice, with the paint finishes from matt, satin, and glossy.

After the 3D production method, the acrylic logo signs are ready to mount on the wall with the ease of wall signage fixings shows that the logo is floating off the wall. It can also be mounted flush to the wall. Although you also can have LED lighting installed inside the letters if illumination is required.

stainless steel letters for wall

We often choose durability over looks when we choose signs for our organization, right? But certainly, that durability wants more money than looks. What if you get both at the same price? Yes! Custom metal signs from WE Brand Advertising are equally prized for attractiveness and affordability with durability.

WE Brand Advertising provide many unique metal signs options. You can choose custom aluminum signs, laser cut stainless steel letters, stainless steel letters and numbers and metal letters for wall outdoor. Other popular choices include custom backlit stainless steel letters. Above all, Our custom steel signs not only look great but are durable too. These are perfect for shops, restaurants, offices, schools, and other facilities.

Metal signs are available in a wide variety, have a look!
  • Brass: if you are looking for a polished or brushed finish, brass will be the best option for classic, professional-looking letters.
  • Stainless steel: from marine grade alloys with superior corrosion resistance, stainless steel provides a wide range of logo sign options.
  • Bronze: Cut bronze letters for signs come in a choice of brushed, polished, and patina finishes and project a traditional look.
  • Aluminum: it is the most popular seller in signs. Aluminum allows you to choose from natural satin, or polished finishes and well custom-match colors. aluminum signs provide a solid metal logo with a cost-effective price
  • Copper: it is available in a choice of brushed or polished finishes.

aluminum powder coating (Indoor & Outdoor)

Do you want to make a good impression of your Signage? Then aluminum powder coated signs is perfect for it. They are ultimate in durability and making your Signage attractive. Aluminum powder coated sign most importantly, for outdoor signs for instance restaurant, beauty salon, nursery, spa and any others outdoor business.

Our company WE Brand Advertising sets brushed aluminum apart from regular aluminum, which gives a matte finish look with its lightly textured effect. It gives a more professional look to your Signage. It can also be showcased the name and logo of a company; aside from business, aluminum powder coated signs can also serve a personal purpose. However, the stunning appearance of these signs can boost design to the next level.

Aluminum powder coated signs perfect for outdoor use.

However, aluminum powder coated signs can also be used to provide important information and safety guidelines. This durable material is perfect for as outdoor usage. You can also display them for entrances, storefronts, guidelines, and many other places. Although, brushed aluminum is a sturdy material, but if you want to protect signs and increase their durability, you can also preserve the design on it for even longer. For this, we offer lamination, which gives extra durable coating to your Signage and extends the sign’s life.

Chanellium Signboard and letters

Chanellium sign is a kind of flexible aluminum sign widely used outdoor applications. It binds together with acrylic and you can use LED lights inside also. Although it is also perfect for shop signs, storefront signs, school signs, hotel buildings, hospitals, retail store signs, and restaurants signs, etc.

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