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Get the opportunity to do the branding of your walls, windows, and cars through durable decal stickers

office Wall branding services

Want to turn your boring office walls into attractive artwork? We Brand Advertising is all set to help you get decal printing to enhance professionalism in your workplace. Office wall branding is removable and a quick way to transform the backdrop of your into something really gorgeous. You can create a credible look for your business by using the logo, name, or brand colors while getting decal printing. Quote now for a fast turnaround. 

What do we do?

We at We Brand Advertising company print wall graphics for your workplace. Get the branding of your office walls by the corporate message on your meeting room or conference room. You might have different, unique, and innovative ideas like having different coded walls and different colors and themes for your other office spaces. We offer you a free hand to tell us what customization you want to maximize your experience.

Wall decal services

Our wall decal services include

Corporate wall decor

Office wall graphics

Canvas art frames and murals

Personalized meeting room

Conference room glass graphics

Vinyl lettering

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Frosted design and business cutout name

Strong and Impactful Message through office wall branding

Wall decals provide an opportunity to decorate your business space through wall graphics. Being removable, these offer a flexible solution for renters to brand their business space without choosing to get permanent paint.

The wall-friendly decal adhesives let you stick and remove the decals as frequently as you need. So, you can switch your message whenever you need to do so.


Promote your business with office wall stickers

The wall decals allow you to promote your business. You can display your business hours and tell about your offerings. Moreover, in the COVID era, you can remind your audience or clients to maintain social distance by taking care of safety measures.

You can get wall decals in custom shapes and any size. There are nine standard sizes available for wall decals in three different oval shapes, circles, and squares. However, you can get customized decals according to your brand. So, you can personalize your office according to your choice. You can even add rounded corners to make the design easy on your eyes.

Why get print wall decals?

Wall decals provide a great opportunity to brand your plain wall with interactive colors instantly. Traditionally, wall decals are used for home wall decoration, but now it has taken a step forward to help brands use wall decals in their work to enhance their business. If you are confused about how wall decal can improve your business, let’s unhide the reasons.


In order to choose a wall-decal consistent with your brand, you get an opportunity to customize it because wall-decals are not a one-size-fits-all case. You can get your branding in customized shapes and sizes.


Getting the walls painted is a time-consuming and expensive option. However, wall decals provide a practical approach to do the branding on your wall and help you invest your time and money in something more important.


Getting your walls painted is an expensive option. Whenever you need to change the features of your brands, you will be required to paint again. However, wall decals provide an economical choice, and the pricing depends upon the size of decal printing.


Our wall decals provide a good value to help you advertise your brand. These are durable because they are made up of adhesive fabric and let you relax for years to come as they last for more than 5 years.

Sizes to Match Your Needs

We Brand Advertising helps you get decals of customized sizes to let you design your space, no matter whether it is big or small. So, we can help you do the branding of your office walls according to your required sizes.

Services offered

We at We Brand Advertising Advertisement provide a range of wall decor printed advertisement services which include the following.

Full-color graphic walls

It further includes

  • Standard wallpaper paste.
  • Repositionable self-adhesive graphics.
  • Repositionable custom die-cut self-adhesive.

Single-color shapes

These are cut vinyl shapes that include letters, cut logos, and other graphic cut designs.

Single-color glass decals

These decals are designed to be applied on glass doors or windows. These are single-color and opaque.

  • Dimensional letters

These are cut to shape individual letters to be pasted on walls for naming the brand etc.

  • Solid color printed boards.

Our solid color printed boards include graphic panels, ready to mount artwork, and signage.

  • Embossed panels

We also provide a range of CNC cut engraved and embossed panels to mount on walls.

How to Apply Wall Decals

Wall decals are very easy to apply on the walls. Discussed below is the method of how wall decal is most commonly used.

Clean the wall surface

Clean the surface of the wall on which you want to apply your wall decal. To prevent your decal from sliding down, you need to make sure that it is free from any kind of dust and grime, which can even prevent slipping.

Align the decal

After cleaning the wall, you are required to peel off the back of the decal and position it carefully on the wall.

If you encounter any trouble, you can use painter’s tape to place the decal on the wall with perfect alignment.

Press the decal using a squeegee

Finally, in order to prevent the air space and bubbles between the wall and decal, you are supposed to press the decal against the wall by using a squeegee.