Why should you choose Frosted Glass Stickers?

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Privacy is the most important part of our life. We all are concerned about our room, office privacy, or the place where we spend most of our time. We mostly use doors and windows for this purpose. As iron doors and windows are not good choices today. Glass doors and windows are the suitable choices according to this modern age. Glass doors and windows are the best choices to keep your workplace or house lightened. It lightens with the sunlight as the glass doors and windows permit light to pass.

On the other hand, glass doors and windows are less comfortable due to privacy reasons. The office cabinet is the workplace, so the glass doors and windows distract our attention. Frosted glass stickers are the best choice for glass windows and doors to resolve this problem. These frosted glass stickers are thin enough to give you the desired privacy while maintaining the aesthetics of your glass surface.

Benefits of frosted glass stickers

A frosted glass sticker is a thin semi-translucent vinyl with a matte or dusty glass finish. It can be applied to various types of glass surfaces. There are several benefits specific to using frosted glass stickers that are mentioned below:

●     Easy to install

Frosted glass stickers are easy to install on any desired surface. The first step is to clean the surface properly where you want to install it. In the second step, you just have to peel it from its static film. Spray water on the glossy surface of the glass, and no need to spray water on a non-glossy surface. Apply a frosted glass sticker on the glass surface carefully. Here you are done with it.

●     Easy to clean

Frosted glass sticker’s thin film is always easy to clean. You can clean with a duster or with a piece of cloth and paper. You can also clean it with water as it is water-resistant.

●     Decoration and Privacy

Frosted glass stickers can also be used for decorative purposes. Frosted glass stickers can be printed or customized according to the desired graphics. If you live in a bustled area facing privacy issues, then the frosted glass stickers are best recommended for you. It keeps your place private and prevents people from seeing inside your place.

●     Semi-translucent

The frosted glass sticker is thin and semi-translucent. It means it permits the sunlight to pass inside the office or room and keeps your place brighter.

●     Easy to remove

Frosted glass stickers are easy to remove without leaving any residue. So, it can be peeled off easily from the surface. You can easily remove or exchange the sticker whenever you want.

●     Cost-friendly

Frosted glass stickers are not too expensive and it is a cost-effective solution as compared to the frosted glass because you can change the stickers whenever you want to deal with your privacy issues.

●     Withstand in extreme weather conditions

A frosted glass sticker is a thin film paper sheet, but it withstands extreme weather conditions. It can tolerate hot weather and does not shrink. It also works as an insulator in summers and preserves heat in winters.

●     Non-adhesive

It is non-adhesive and easy to handle on glossy and non-glossy surfaces. It can also be recycled if it gets wrinkled. So, when it comes to removing the glass sticker, it is reliable. It leaves your glass surface with no glass damage.

●     Frosted glass sticker vs. frosted glass

A frosted glass sticker is a preferable choice to frosted glass. Because frosted glass is a permanent choice, frosted glass stickers can be exchanged or replaced. Hence, you can replace the stickers whenever you want.

Want someone to install the frosted glass stickers on your glass windows and doors? Contact us for quality material and installation.