Car branding service in Dubai

What makes unique WE Brand Advertising?

Our team has well-trained professionals and has years of experience in vehicle advertisement. We are up with the latest trends and techniques for car branding and also offer customized and personalized services. We use premium quality materials and up for onsite supervision for all vehicle advertisement applications and installation.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver our clients the highest quality service and assist our clients through every step of the designs and make sure what is good and bad for your brand. We help our clients in every step of the advertising-making process and complete the installation process quickly and easily. We ensure our clients enjoy the experience of advertising and marketing with WE Brand Advertising. Our company, WE Brand Advertising, follows three kinds of car branding strategies, which are described below.

1) Full Car Branding

Full vehicle wraps cover the entire vehicle body, including cars, buses, vans, boats, and bikes, totally covered with a message or advertisement for the people who see it. Full wraps coverage includes the bumpers except for the roof in some cases. Complete wraps on the body can be designed by attaching signboards related to brand or color to change the look of a vehicle.

A fully customized vehicle wrap can do more effective advertisings because it will display your services, logos, color, or message that your ad will be visible from every side of the vehicle. WE Brand advertising is expert in helping to create the vehicle wrap graphics according to your choice.

        Benefits of full Car branding :

  • In full vehicle wraps, we turn your car into a mobile billboard for your business.
  • It allows you to change the color of the vehicle.
  • It puts your advertising on to larger scale on your car.
  • Full car advertising is harder to miss on the road.

Full car branding work

2- Partial Vehicle Wrap

WE Brand advertising offers a mixture of full and half wraps in partial vehicle wraps. Partial vehicle wraps focus on the central portions of the car. We incorporate the color or advertising onto selective parts of the car like a hood, sides, and trunk. We carefully incorporate the vehicle’s base color into the design so that the transition between your vehicle’s paint and the vinyl is almost unnoticeable. However, the benefits of partial wrapping that it is cheaper than full vehicle wraps, and it also offers you the chance to change your marketing messages at any time.

      Benefits of partial Car branding:

  • Partial vehicle wraps are excellent for special events like promotions.
  • You do not intend to change the color of your vehicle.

Partial car wraps work

3- Vehicle lettering

Vehicle lettering includes numbering, lettering, or graphics that are cut individually from a solid color sheet and then pre-spaced and placed onto masking transfer tape. Vehicle lettering is easily installable on any vehicle and creates a clean and professional look.

        Benefits of vehicle lettering:

  • It is easy to install and allows you to apply it to your vehicle in minutes.
  • Vehicle lettering is cheaper than full and partial vehicle wraps.
  • It can be last for up eight years with no fading and cracking.
  •  They are waterproof and UV resistant. It has been designed to withstand, maintaining its vibrant color and quality.

Whether you option for

Partial, full, or vehicle lettering wrap, WE Brand Advertising offers exceptional work quality and styles which hold unmatched marketing reach and longevity and suggest the best choice for your company. Contact us today for the perfect vehicle wraps based on your advertising needs and goals.